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Getting angry over somebody else’s opinions hurts no one but you. There are more than seven billion people on this planet, every single one of them has their own opinions and values. Having any form of negative feelings because of this will only serve to lower the quality of your life. Because it is YOU who becomes affected by this negativity.

It is harder to convey a message when there is anger involved. Anger makes people defensive, which in turn lead to the inability to view a topic objectively. Understanding and accepting that we think differently is vital for a discussion to take place.

Understanding and accepting does not mean that the opinions are right, but it does mean to treat your fellow human being with the basic amount of respect that they deserve. To not act hostile or condecending towards one another.

Acting condecending towards another person makes you stand in your own way, because that person is less likely to listen to you.

Nobody truly understands how the universe works, we humans are too small to fully comprehend what is around us.